• Access and reduced water borne diseases in the operational areas
  • Improved health and hygiene in schools and at household level;
  • Improved household incomes and diversified income sources, especially from small businesses owned and operated by women
  • Improved enrollment and exam grades by basic facilities in schools
  • Peaceful and harmonious co-existence among different ethnic communities; there is sharing of natural resources (pasture and water) across county and international borders;
  • Livestock assets have been salvaged and protected through de-stocking and restocking projects, hence benefiting drought affected households, rebuilding resilience to droughts;
  • Provision of services in the not-so-easy-to reach areas, thereby improving effectiveness and efficiency of future projects equally in the operation area.
  • Timely intervention during times of humanitarian Emergencies
  • Reaching and working with highly mobile Pastoralist who are hard to reach and neglected.

Children Education

We provide education for young ones as we believe that they are the leader of tomorrow.


We build the capacity of men and women in the community in order to strengthen and diversify their livelihood options.


We support the communities in times of unexpected disasters in the community

Shelter Programs

We have provided shelter for thousands of people in various communities.

Clean Water

We have assisted various communities with clean water which has helped reduce lots of diseases.

promoting peace and resource sharing

We’ve encouraged peace meetings with members of various communities to reduce insecurity.


We are not currently recruiting. We advertise all vacancies (both volunteer and paid positions) on our website and on Facebook. Unfortunately, we cannot accept unsolicited CVs. Thank you for your understanding.