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Shifting the power project

Yattane Chachu from Koronder, awaiting for her turn to fetch water after PACIDA’s intervention of water trucking to the community who go for weeks without water. “More outside aid is required to boost the efforts of PACIDA and other like-minded organisations,” says Yattani Chachu from Koronder village in northern Kenya . The humanitarian system has

Marsabit first pre-paid water meters

Pastoralist Community Initiative and Development Assistance (PACIDA), through possible funding from USAID through FH Kenya in a bid to improve water access through introduction of private water provision services, has introduced first ever pre-paid water meters in four sites (Dirib Gombo & Odda boreholes, Shauri Yako & Saku water kiosks) of Marsabit County. The minimum

A Bleak Future Then, Now Shining So Bright

With literacy levels standing at 26.2% in Marsabit County, PACIDA in collaboration with the Ministry of Education and other like minded actors supports education interventions in a bid to boost the literacy levels . PACIDA values education and we aim at increasing the retention rate of learners in school in order to improve educational outcomes

Cash Transfer Programming in Moyale Sub-County

Pastoralist Community Initiative and Development Assistance (PACIDA) and other humanitarian agencies within Marsabit County are using cash transfer interventions, as an alternative or a complement to food aid. With funding from Plan International, PACIDA is running a four-month cash transfer programme in Moyale Sub-county of Marsabit County targeting 500 Households in Walda, Rawan, Sololo Makutano