New learning facilities for schools

Learning is more effective and meaningful when learners can make use of a wider variety of scholastic equipment that enhance quality of instruction as well as ensure comfort of the learners. Most schools in Marsabit County lack of enough desks and chairs, leading to congestion and fatigue among the learners. Pastoralist Community Initiative and Development

Lessons from emergency cash assistance

A monitoring visit conducted on 5th of November 2019 by partners Concern Worldwide, European Commission ECHO, Pastoralist Integrated Support Programme (PISP), ACTED and PACIDA provided key learning on the impact of mobile cash transfer during drought emergency response among communities of Lengima and Lekuchula zones of Laisamis Sub County in Marsabit County of Kenya. The

Galla goat breed to boost resilience

Local communities in northern Kenya are adapting to climate change through different approaches in order to mitigate its harmful effects demonstrated most visibly through frequent cycles of drought in East Africa. Along the border of Kenya and Ethiopia, communities of Dassanach are reshaping their adaptation strategy by embracing a unique breed of goats that is

Drought relief through cash support

“My life has stabilized significantly since the cash support activity began. I have paid my debts and I am able to buy food and water form my family,” says Roba Wario (28) who is one of the beneficiaries of emergency cash transfer to vulnerable and drought-affected communities of Marsabit County of Kenya. Roba is a