Communities and Local Partners

The Pastoralist Community Initiative and Development Assistance (PACIDA) is an indigenous, non-sectarian, Non-profit, Non-governmental organization, working with ASAL (Arid and Semi-Arid lands) communities in Kenya (Marsabit County) & Southern Ethiopia.

PACIDA is a community-centred organization which implements community-driven development initiatives for long-term sustainable benefits. Since its inception, PACIDA bridges the development and humanitarian gaps through increased networking, lobbying and partnering with local communities and developmental stake holders.

PACIDA is concerned with amongst others; the need to facilitate and champion targeted communities by empowering them through integrated programs built on positive traditional and modern practices to utilize available local resources and enhanced sustainable livelihoods and development

PACIDA works with the pastoral and agro pastoral communities in the County of Marsabit in Northern Kenya and in Southern Ethiopia. In particular PACIDA works with remote communities whose operations and targeting by other actors is minimal i.e. mobile pastoralists, rural and peri-urban communities with minimal contacts with other agencies

PACIDA’s regional/cross-border approach to community development is motivated by the relationship between the communities sharing the international borders and their interdependence especially during extreme weather times. The cross-border approach is intended to build synergy and enhance communities’ engagement and resilience to recurrent disaster threats and risks resulting from climate variability.

PACIDA is an active member of a number of local and regional forums and networks for the purpose of coordination and sharing learning. At local level, PACIDA is an active member of the County Steering Group (CSG), Water and Environmental Sanitation Coordinating Forum (WESCOORD), Marsabit Indigenous Organization Network (MIONET) and Marsabit County Non-State Actors Forum (MACNOSAF)

At regional level, PACIDA is a member of the Regional Lobby and Advocacy Programme (REGLAP), PELUM and various sector-based forums. The organization is a member of the Kenya Humanitarian Forum (KHF), Livestock and Agriculture chaired by UN-FAO and works with various Civil Society Organizations (CSOs) as well as various relevant government line ministries, universities, research institutions, departments, parastatals, and regulatory institutions. At international level, PACIDA is a member of the International Council of Voluntary Agencies (ICVA), Global Alliance on Armed Violence (GAAV)

Children Education

We provide education for young ones as we believe that they are the leader of tomorrow.


We build the capacity of men and women in the community in order to strengthen and diversify their livelihood options.


We support the communities in times of unexpected disasters in the community

Shelter Programs

We have provided shelter for thousands of people in various communities.

Clean Water

We have assisted various communities with clean water which has helped reduce lots of diseases.

promoting peace and resource sharing

We’ve encouraged peace meetings with members of various communities to reduce insecurity.


We are not currently recruiting. We advertise all vacancies (both volunteer and paid positions) on our website and on Facebook. Unfortunately, we cannot accept unsolicited CVs. Thank you for your understanding.