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About Concern Worldwide

Concern Worldwide, often referred to as Concern, was established 50 years ago and has worked in 50 countries across the world. Concern works to help those living in the world’s poorest countries to achieve real and lasting improvements in their lives. Concern is engaged in long-term development work, in addition to emergency relief in Africa, Asia and the Caribbean. Concern’s core work focuses on health, hunger and humanitarian response in emergencies. They work in partnership with small community groups as well as governments and large global organisations.

Verification of beneficiary identification documents and information sensitization ahead of cash disbursement. Photo: Nashon Tado/PACIDA

Ongoing activities under current partnership with PACIDA

The drought situation in Marsabit County of Kenya and neighbouring counties has resulted in an emergence of acute water and food crisis for both humans and livestock. The pastoralist communities of Marsabit are migrating to areas deemed less affected by drought in order to secure pasture and water for their camels, goats, sheep and donkeys. In most areas of Marsabit, it has not rained a drop since November 2018. The land has become barren, scorched by the burning sun, rivers have dried up.

Concern Worldwide is partnering with PACIDA in reaching the most affected and vulnerable communities in Laisamis sub county though an emergency cash transfer initiative that targets 1,280 households in Laisamis, Moyale and North Horr sub counties of Kenya for a three-month mobile phone assisted cash disbursement exercise.

Registration of households involves sensitization and awareness sessions providing information on what the activity entails. Field teams have to test all the mobile phones to ensure that they are registered by the service provider Safaricom and have all the updated Apps to enable them to respond to electronic form of payment.  A survey questionnaire with a platform interface is being used to gather necessary information from the target beneficiaries. Once the targeted households have been registered for cash assistance, all the details is entered into the device and shared with donors.

Voices of beneficiaries

“The drought is persistent as there is no sign of rain. Weather forecasts still predict dry conditions. People and livestock are migrating south to Samburu and west to Baragoi where they believe conditions are better for survival. Cash assistance will help those on the brink to buy food and water and sustain themselves as we pray for the situation to change for the better,” says Lengeya Nangane from Laisamis.

Lengeya Nangane: “We are experiencing another cycle of drought hardship in Laisamis sub county of Marsabit, Kenya. Water sources have all dried up, we rely on water trucking by humanitarian agencies”

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