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  • Jan 17, 2017
  • by PACIDA

PDRA means participatory Disaster Risk Analysis. This is a community facilitation process where the community members were usually take through a participatory process of identifying disasters which in one way or another interfere with their way of life and livelihoods. The process begins with participants trying to identify resources both natural and manmade which at their disposal for use. The process is known as community resource mapping. The community members here are also expected to identify common disasters and Rank in order their effects on livelihoods. Later the community is guided by facilitators to assess their capacities and vulnerabilities so as to analyze in relation to the disasters ranked first and or second and how it affects individual members of the community, community livelihoods and nonhuman element and natural resources. The community members after going through the above process are guided to come up their action plans and contingency plans considering the “what” if scenarios.



DISASTER -The word is translated as Midam according to the local language. It means an occurrence or event that has taken place causing death or destruction.

Hazard-The word is translated as Sodha or Dib in the local language. It means a foreseen danger that is predicted to take place.



The following Hazards were identified;

  • * Drought
  • * Insecurity/conflict
  • * Human/Livestock diseases
  • * Substance and drug abuse
  • * Environmental degradation