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  • Jan 16, 2017
  • by PACIDA

That Adan Boru is 5-hours to sitting for his final examination is electrifying even to him. He never once thought that he would be at one time, amongst the few students in his village to have completed high school education. When he joined Kangaru Secondary School, Embu, he knew he was strides away from becoming a veterinary doctor. One year down the line and life started becoming unbearable. Numerous times I was sent home to collect school fee arrears.

“My peasant pastoralist parents were committed to safeguarding my future, so much so they sold all their animals just so they could see me through school but seemingly, this was never sufficient.”

Influential Force
Through the Turbi Education Support Programme (TESP), implemented by PACIDA and funded by Caritas Bolzano, the organization understands too well the importance of education for sustainable development. While bursaries can be a great help to children who would otherwise be unable to afford a place at a school, not everyone meets the criterion. PACIDA puts academic ability first and foremost as much as possible. It is in this light then that the TESP project, largely covered in Turbi Division, awards full scholarships to the most vulnerable, needy yet bright high school students.  The project was an up-scale from the 2-year Turbi Orphans and Vulnerable Children Project that was to ensure that the students enrolled in 2011 completed their secondary school course by 2015.                                                                                                                    
“Frustrated and down cast, I fought hard to swallow the glaring reality of the fact that I could no longer achieve my dreams despite my intelligence and passion,” says Boru while holding his chin, obviously in a sudden clear memory of his past.” He went on to add, “I became the family’s herd’s boy but the desire to rejoin school was ever blazing in my heart. Each passing day I could nostalgically remember the great moments I spent in Kangaru School and prayed for God’s intervention each day.”

Point of Breakthrough
Having been in the grazing land for a long time, Mamo one day decided to saunter to the village square where he was met with news that PACIDA had just started a scholarship programme. Elated yet astonished at how timely God can be, he went back to their ‘manyatta’, shared the good news with the parents, who hastily borrowed money for Boru’s transport to Marsabit (PACIDA’s Head Office) from Turbi to confirm the news. 
“Hearing of my predicament and with trust in my sense of responsibility, brilliance, discipline and my already attained literacy level, PACIDA asked me to fill in bursary forms, bring in my school termly report and voila! I had gotten the scholarship.

“I immediately joined Marsabit boys in 2012 with the project support and since then school life has been exciting and stable. A lot of young boys and girls have benefited from the programme and it would be good if more extremely needy people could benefit. As I finalize my Secondary Education today, am indebted to PACIDA and the donors who have made this possible. Am hopeful that I`ll pass and manage to pursue Animal health to the Veterinary doctor level.