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  • Feb 04, 2018
  • by PACIDA

At PACIDA, we know that when women move forward, the world moves with them. When women control their income, they invest in the businesses, health, education and well-being of their families and communities.

Meet Jillo Jaldesa, a 35-year old mother of three hailing from Qilta location of Saku sub-county in Marsabit County. “The household dialogues modules held were quiet vital to my marriage, family and even the rest of the community members, as I have had to multiplicate knowledge and information to others not initially targeted by the project.” “If only these lessons came way before when I was young in marriage, I strongly believe my life could have been a hundred times better than it is now,” she says with a happy and cheerful disposition on her face.

With a chuckle she says, “These days, my husband spends most of his time at our retail shop and looks forward to every single day. In fact, that has become his sole responsibility as after the sessions, we both sat down and agreed on how we would be assisting each other within the homestead. I was surprised when one day I saw him come home with a stack of firewood and he has made this a trend since then. This made me love him more, brought great bond in our marriage and my workload has significantly reduced.”  Prior to the dialogue sessions she says, the much her husband did was stay at home and order her around. She could wake up at 5.00am and go to bed as late as 01.00am and this made her develop health complications making her incur much money on medical bills. These days, her story is different as she turns in early for the evening, every single day. While she is busy preparing breakfast, the husband helps with getting the children ready for school.

With the free time, she has on her plate, Ms. Jillo says she now has time to attend women group meetings, from where she can access higher loan facility, she is more present in her children’s life, the shop is now attracting higher income as it is open through out the day and their livelihoods is slowly becoming sustainable. She also says she now has better access to and control over resources, all thanks to PACIDA for the great impact.

PACIDA with funding from SNV, is implementing a 5-year programme called ‘Enhancing Opportunities for Women’s Enterprises’ (EOWE) with an aim of boosting the start-up and development of women’s businesses in rural areas of Marsabit County. The programme focuses on three major components including the, control over and use of income and resources, decision-making power and leadership within households and communities.


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