Education Programme

The programme targets to contribute to increased access, equity and quality of education for children in ASAL regions.

There are 207 Early Childhood Development (ECD) centers, 129 primary schools, 16 Secondary schools and four youth polytechnics in Marsabit County. There are however no commercial or public colleges and universities in the county. The proportion of primary schools that are situated within a radius of less than one kilometer from the community constitute 79 per cent of all the schools while those located less than five kilometer form 7.7 per cent.

Achievements In Numbers

Bright and needy high school students sponsored with bursaries
School in the rural areas supported with school feeding during drought crisis
Model nomadic primary school established
Primary and secondary school with teaching and learning materials supported
School management boards strengthened
Schools supported with infrastructure, furniture, water tanks, VIP latrines, solar lighting systems and games equipment
Girls schools supported with sanitary pads
Mobile school centres in the nomadic villages established