Disaster Risk Reduction


Drought, floods, conflict and other natural disasters have been frequent occurrences in most parts of Marsabit. The threat of drought-related emergencies is recurrent. The pastoralist life has been exposed to the harsh climatic conditions with constant and prolonged droughts that characterize this region, leading to lack of food, high malnutrition, loss of livestock and sometimes entire herds, loss of lives, entrenched poverty and uncertainty of their future.

Our interventions aim to reduce the risks faced by vulnerable pastoralists and agro-pastoralists the County of Marsabit in order to build the resilience of the target groups to bridge the existing gap between drought resilient livelihoods, natural resource management, inter-communal conflict management and the long-term development concerns in the region.

During the recent drought in Marsabit (2016-2017), PACIDA implemented various DRR and humanitarian interventions, which included the following:

  • Provision of veterinary services
  • Supplementary feeding of livestock
  • Slaughter destocking
  • Emergency Water Trucking

The interventions implemented during this period saved a significant number of human lives and livestock.